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Diego Villalobos, Helios Dean

bareback free boy on May 24, 2017

Sexy Latino gay men get together for some hot intimate sex. With a whole lot of tongue and heavy petting they kiss and fondle each others, stripping down to the buff on their way to the bedroom. They grab a hold of each others dickheads jerking them off to get them nice and hard. One dude goes down on the other, holding on to his own cock at the same time. After lubing up the boner he bends over to take it deep in the butt. They move around the bed, hanging upside down off the edge of it then climbing on top of it to finish each other off.

Giovanni, Luciano, Luigi, Mauricio, Paolo Cortes

bareback free boy on May 22, 2017

Ah, the memories! This vid opens with a good looking guy reminiscing about his past sexual experiences. He picks up a thick black dildo and has an instant flashback to thrusting it inside his ex-boyfriend's butt, banging him and stretching him out. In a later memory, he remembers a six dude gangbang preceded by a dinner. You know that once the wine starts flowing the semen is not long to follow! Six manhoods in one video is extremely hot, and the main character ends up being drenched by all the other men's spunk. You can't tell if he finds that arousing or humiliating - but it's damn sexy! Wouldn't you love to take multiple cocks?

Mateya, Vlada, Vlada

bareback free boy on May 20, 2017

Get ready for twenty minutes of intense gay action. Vlada, Sasha and Bili waste no time in getting down to business. Our hairy bottom has a shy smile to start, but gets right into his men, mouthing them both hard to start their engines going! Vlada requires more though, and they shift so he can get a hard pecker in his mouth too! Once everyone is good and wet, our fuzzy bottom gets finger-cuffed every which way they can take him. Missionary, doggy, they don't care how they fuck him! Finally, after having already gone ass-to-mouth more than once, they blow their loads all over his face!

Erik, Vlada, Vlada

bareback free boy on May 17, 2017

There's nothing hotter than seeing a skinny and submissive dude getting ganged up on by a couple of big cock studs intent on doing some serious damage to his ass! Vlada is hot and hungry for dick, swallowing the poles of his two well hung studs right down to the base. He's quite a straight looking and straight acting guy - that is, until he gets a dick in his mouth! His two fuckers smoothly transition to anal, keeping one dick firmly planted in his gullet while the other stud gets in behind, lubing up his ass hole with a dollop of spit and then slamming it straight home. They ride Vlada's tight butt until they're ready to fill up his mouth.

Matt Parker, Thomas Bjorn

bareback free boy on May 15, 2017

Shy, straight acting stud Matt Parker is a married dude with a secret fetish he loves to suck weiner and get fucked in his booty! He's so scared of his identity being discovered that he wears a balaclava for this scene as he swallows the pole of dirty old fucker Thomas Bjorn. Luckily there is a hole cut for Matt's mouth as he goes down on his balding boyfriend. Then he lies on his face, grunting as his ass hole gets busted open by well hung Thomas. Thomas starts off smooth but quickly picks up the pace, and by the end of the video he is relentlessly deep stroking Matt's rump hole while the married dude groans in a mix of pain and pleasure.

Aco, Erik

bareback free boy on May 14, 2017

Where the hell do these porn producers find these submissive and gorgeous cocksuckers? Justin is a dark skinned dude with a sexy short hair cut and a sweet cocksucking mouth. What's even better is that he is an expert in anal sex and can take a big dick like that belonging to his man Jesse with ease! First he gives Jesse a superb blow job, licking his lips in anticipation before he buries the shaft down his own hungry throat. Then he spits on the palm of his own hand, greasing up his anus so that Jesse can just slide right in and start hammering. Most guys take a while to loosen up, but this anal slut must get fucked every day!

Marko, Sasa

bareback free boy on May 12, 2017

Sasa is in the mood for some good, hard dicking and he brings over his friend Marko to fulfill his desires. He gets himself so worked up and ready to bust a nut that Marko has to bend over Sasa and give it to him hard. In fact, Marko gets so worked up that he doesn't bother with a condom, and he wants to let his spunk fill up Sasa's backside. He just loves to feel that bare tool making its way up his booty, stretching him out further and further until he's going to have a major explosion. His spunk slowly spills out of Sasa's anus once he's done.

Ivan, Mateya

bareback free boy on May 10, 2017

Young but extremely handsome man Mateya is a complete beginner to bareback banging, but more experienced dude Ivan is more than willing to break him in! Ivan guides Mateya through all of the motions, placing a hand gently on the back of his head and pumping the younger dude's throat up and down on his pole. Mateya lies back, lifting his pecker and balls out of the way as he looks up into Ivan's eyes with a vulnerable expression - that rump is truly virginal! Ivan starts off slow, but as soon as Mateya can handle it he picks up the pace, soon bringing young Mateya up to a steady rump pumping that makes him spontaneously ejaculate on himself.

Jason Vee, Kelly Breeze

bareback free boy on May 09, 2017

Kelly Breeze, skinny young man is getting fondled by sexy blond Jason Vee. As Jason hold the base on Kelly's shaft he uses his warm mouth to polish his knob then moves his hand down to cup and stroke his shaved balls. Making sure his dick in well lubricated Kelly turns Jason around so he can mount him from behind. The skin slaps together with each thrust of his hips. Lying side by side Jason lifts a leg in the air before putting his feet on Kelly's shoulders for some deep penetration. Jason finishes him off by sucking the jizz right out of his pecker then swapping it with a wet kiss.

Jessie Cooper, John Gadsby, Ricky Jackson, Will Forbes

bareback free boy on May 07, 2017

These European mans really know how to bang! They gather one evening for an intense foursome bang that is sure to keep the neighbors awake. Things start off in a generic fashion, with the studs take turns sucking each other in all kinds of exciting positions. Then the blond twink John is the center of attention as the rest of the dudes team up on him, spit roasting him in his mouth and his ass and taking turns sodomizing him. He is a willing assfucking girl who is up for anything, and at one point he is even triple penetrated - one weiner in his mouth and two in his gaped out rump hole! There aren't many guys who can accomplish that!

Duncan Skidmore, Tony Akin

bareback free boy on May 05, 2017

Tony Akin is the type of stud that you would really love to get to know - he has a nice, hard body, well muscled yet not overly so. He also has the hots for Duncan Skidmore, who is just as delicious as Tony. They start off with a quick strip - it's obvious that these two just want to get into each other's pants. I especially love to see how hard they get, their tools nearly bulging out of those briefs even before they start in on the pecker sucking. Once they get to that part, it's only a matter of time before the booty banging starts.

Sasha, Vlada

bareback free boy on May 04, 2017

Married dude Erik hurries over to his gay next-door neighbor Blake's house as soon as his wife leaves in the morning. This otherwise straight man has got an addiction for cocks and cream that has to be satisfied! He quickly sheds his clothes with Blake in the living room, terrified that his wife might get home early and discover his sordid sexual activities. He gives Blake a hot bareback cocksucking and then bends over for rectal, sticking out his hairy asshole and jerking himself off while Blake fucks him in the rump. Of course, there's no condom involved - for this sexually confused guy, an assfucking creampie is all part of the backside sex fun!

Jason Ross, Mark Urban

bareback free boy on May 02, 2017

My, what busy hands these two guys have! And soon enough, when they're naked with their stiff cocks hanging out, they have busy mouths as well! His boyfriend wants to make sure that every inch of that dick is swollen, and he even deep throats it to make sure that it's completely covered in his warm drool. Both of them moan as his mouth is filled with dick, but what he really wants filled up is his asshole, so he spreads his ass cheeks open so his man can get deep inside of his butt bareback. He pounds his butt hard on the couch, getting him in all different positions, and then making him lick his sperm off of the coffee table!

Mauricio, Paolo Cortes

bareback free boy on April 30, 2017

Paolo and Maurcio start off with looks to be a normal gay porn video, with Paolo and his uncut pecker right in front of the camera, and Mauricio taking his photos. However it soon turns into one of the wildest gay pornos that you have ever seen, with intense masturbation, a bunch of random nuns (I told you it was fucking bizarre), and even more banged up, a man masturbating in what looks to be a mummy outfit. I don't know about you, but when I'm looking for some out of the box gay porno this episode certainly takes the cake.

Marco Mendoza, Thomas Bjorn

bareback free boy on April 29, 2017

In this sordid hotel room gay bang, older dude Thomas Bjorn hooks up with well muscled and tattooed Latino Marco Mendoza. At first Thomas holds the camera as Marco plays with himself on the bed his body is divine, and his dong is magnificent! He's got a square, masculine jawline along with muscles that will have you cumming in your pants. Then Thomas joins him on the bed first he gives Marco a hot blow job and then Marco rolls on top, sliding Thomas's prick into his backside while he maintains some erotic contact. Slutty rump girl Marco grinds that well muscled, firm butt like an animal, quickly extracting his guy's sticky ejaculate.

Franco Conti, Jerry Harris, Mark Lopez

bareback free boy on April 27, 2017

If you knew you were going to be in the middle of a steamy twink 3-way and you were going to be fucking raw, your cock would be that hard too before someone even touched it! Jerry, Mark and Franco were three guys at work here, as each one either had their hand or their mouth on a fat prick. These guys got rock hard while their cocks were being licked and sucked, and when they all took their clothes off, they each went to find a place to stuff their meat inside of. They rammed them with their uncovered dicks in his mouth and his asshole, drilling him in unison while he squeezed both of them until they came on his chest.

Chad Driver, Igor Rusk, Micky Coolio

bareback free boy on April 25, 2017

Igor Rusk heard that some of his team mates have been pounding one another to let off steam between matches, and when they're not working out or hitting the books. It seemed like a good idea to him, but he wanted to see for himself. He dropped in to see Chad Driver and found him getting his manhood copped by Micky Coolio. He just smiled and told him to take a seat, but it was so hot to see two of his mates getting it on he lets his pants fall before sitting down and started stroking his own hang-down.

Jonny Feather, Mike Santon

bareback free boy on April 24, 2017

Now this is some really acrobatic gay ass fucking! The beginning of this scene sees two well dressed and attractive young studs kissing on the couch. They are in a very modern and stylish apartment, and the couch is white leather - terrible for showing those nasty stains! One of these guys is begging for an ass fucking, pulling his own butt cheeks open and burying his face in to the folds of the couch, not wanting the neighbours to hear him grunting and moaning as his butthole gets plundered by his big dick buddy. The bottom gets his mouth filled with cream but then he surprises his partner by spitting it back in to his buddy's mouth.

Andrew Towers, Jason Ross, Mike Santon

bareback free boy on April 22, 2017

This horny cocksucker is desperate for two jumbo cocks! He picks up two good-looking guys at the gay bar, following them back to their apartment for a hot suck and bang orgy. It's the early hours of the morning and anything goes! He starts off by giving his two new fuck buddies a hot and sloppy blow job, wanking one dick while he sucks on the other. He keeps one dick in his mouth whilst the other stud goes around the rear and begins to lick and finger his backside hole - soon he's being fucked hard! Both of his new friends fuck his anus hole, squeezing and slapping his tight buttocks while he squeezes them around their fat pricks.

Jakub, Roman

bareback free boy on April 20, 2017

Roman and Jakub were out for a walk in the park enjoying the sun. They took their blanket and walked over to a somewhat secluded area, laid the blanket down and got to business. They were both so horny they started kissing and tearing each other's clothes off then Roman laid Jakub down and swallowed his hard dick. The guys traded wet blowjobs before Roman rolled Jakub up and slid his hard prick into his tight ass. He reamed him hard and true, not caring who saw them as they fucked then pulled out and the guys came together. That is a picnic to remember.

Charles Hardy, Chip Lawson

bareback free boy on April 18, 2017

Two horny gay guys are ready for a good fuck. It's been too long since they've had a hard prick to play with and they are done waiting. Chip Lawson and Charles Hardy are hungry for cock. One hot stud bends down to his friend's white cock and starts to swirl his tongue around his thick prick. He lets his mouth wrap around the entire tip and then slides his wet mouth all the way to his balls. It's now his turn to get fucked. He bends right over and his friend shoves his hard dick right up into his tight asshole. It looks like his ass is going to be split in two by this hot anal fuck fest.

Duki, Erik

bareback free boy on April 17, 2017

As most guys will agree, those Latino dudes are just too fucking sexy! Taking advantage of South American poverty, white stud Flip goes on a sex tour and hooks up with gorgeous Latino prostitute Renato. Renato looks like he could be modelling in a high-class fashion magazine or on a runway - but instead he is sucking Flip's hard American cock for just a few dollars! Renato definitely seems to enjoy his work, taking Flip's dick in his mouth with no condom and swallowing it right down to the pubes. Then he lies back on the sofa, holding his thighs apart with his ankles up around his ears and his ass hole completely exposed for penetration.

Ben Rivers, Kyle Martin, Steve Strong

bareback free boy on April 15, 2017

As soon as their shift is over, cruise ship waiters Kyle, Steve and Ben retire to their nano room for a hot threesome bang. They tear off the innocent sailor uniforms, showing off their lithe and toned young bodies as they get frisky on the single bed. There's barely enough room to lie down - so they have to lie on top of one another as they take turns mouthing each other and then pounding each other in the booty! Young Kyle is the main bottom in this flick, and he gets buggered by both of the other mans in the hottest part, he is riding Ben's prick whilst Steve fucks him in the mouth. However, every guy gets a chance to fuck and get banged!

Derek Green, John Youngcock, Ross Vernon

bareback free boy on April 13, 2017

It's this slender cocksucker's fantasy to take two dongs at the same time, and today he gets to live out his dream! He gets naked with his two bang buddies on the bed, mouthing both of them and then pulling his backside cheeks apart for a passionate slamming. The mans flip a coin to see who gets to go first, but it doesn't really matter - they both exchange back and forth several times, making sure that this stud is never left without a penis in his booty hole. At the end of the flick both guys cum on him, spraying his lightly bearded face and chest with their creamy loads until he is dripping with dude spunk. It really is a dream ejaculate true!

Drew Taylor, Thomas Bjorn

bareback free boy on April 12, 2017

After a chance meeting at a classy club, shy man next door Drew Taylor goes home with dirtyfucker Thomas Bjorn. Drew doesn't even really realize that Thomas has set up a video camera on the bedside table - he's too busy jerking himself off in preparation for the backside banging to come! While Thomas watches from off-camera, Drew pumps himself hard and masturbates for his new boyfriend's pleasure. Then Thomas joins him on the bed, briefly sucking the other stud's weiner and then bending over so that he is facing the camera and drilling him in the rear end. Drew has got an extremely tight backside - and he is a bit of a screamer!