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Aaron Carpenter, Dean O, Ken Bananna

bareback free boy on July 20, 2017

There are some extremely inventive positions in this bareback gay threesome. Two young guys start the video off on either side of an older, hairy guy, who loves to suck weiner and take it in the backside. As the mans strip off, the hairy guy blows them both, gobbling down their tools while the men play with his pecker, balls and asshole. The young guys are not ones to look a gift horse in the mouth, bending the guy over and drilling him hard in his rump hole, disregarding his screams - is it pain, or is it pleasure? The cocksucker takes two loads in his mouth, surprising the other dudes by spitting the loads back in their open mouths.

John Youngcock, Mike Santon

bareback free boy on July 18, 2017

This eager cocksucker just can't get enough tool! As soon as he gets naked with his buddy on the couch, he is on his hands and knees, letting himself get throat banged and drinking on his friend's impressive member. Once the pecker is slippery and rock hard, the cocksucker bends over, reaching down between his legs to masturbate while his buddy slides his prick into his backside. The cocksucker squeals as he gets roughly sodomised, burying his face in the couch to muffle the sound of his screaming. The dude who's doing the pounding ends up shooting his load all over the glass table, and then the cream hungry cocksucker licks up the entire load.

Mateya, Sone

bareback free boy on July 17, 2017

Renato is an extremely handsome young man, and you can tell by the confident way that he strips the clothes off geeky stud Sasha that he has banged plenty of assholes before. For his own part, scruffy, long-haired man Sasha can't wait to get Renato's big shaft in his mouth - he is as sexually inexperienced as Renato is virile. He probably doesn't get many opportunities to suck a penis belonging to a stud as gorgeous as this, so he wants to take full advantage of this chance! He is obviously not that experienced with backdoor sex, either, screwing up his face in pain as Renato roughly thrusts his giant dong in to Sasha's virtually virginal rump.

Luciano, Luigi, Mauricio, Paolo Cortes

bareback free boy on July 15, 2017

This gay porno might be a bit confusing as it jumps around, but it certainly has some of the ost intense sex videos that you have ever seen. Luigi, Luciano, Paolo, and Mauricio all take a part in this sordid sex adventure. First there's a bit of hanky panky in the great outdoors, and next there's a steady bedroom movie that has the pair of them fucking away like it's the first time they've ever had gay sex. Finally there's a lot of cum getting sprayed around as these mans truly begin to enjoy each other.

Duki, Vlada

bareback free boy on July 13, 2017

If dirty rectal addict Vlada keeps on fucking all these mans without a condom, he is going to end up catching something! Duki sits back as the skinny and hairy stud works his magic with his pole. Vlada might not be handsome but he has got blow job skills that keep him in hot demand! He's at his dickhead slurping best in this vid, licking Duki's balls and then cock gargling his pole. Then Vlada lies on his side, moaning softly as Duki eases his thick, dribbling member into Vlada's butthole. He quickly starts up a steady pounding, intent on creaming in Vlada's anus - but the horny cocksucker insists on getting spunked in his filthy mouth!

Dante Willows, Leo James, Lucas Marshall

bareback free boy on July 12, 2017

Lucky for these two good-looking guys, they've found themselves a horny cocksucker who also loves to take it in the backside! Leo, Lucas and Dante are lounging in the backyard pool when they decide to get frisky. Or rather, it's slutty Dante who makes the decision for them, pulling down the other guys' trunks and blowing them off right there in the sunshine! Of course, these red blooded males aren't going to turn down some hot oral sex, and they're not going to turn down a hot butt hole to bang either! Dante rides both guys' pricks, grinding on their poles in reverse cowboy. At the end of the scene he eagerly swallows both men's loads.

Daniel Brandao, Edgar Santos, Igor dos Santos

bareback free boy on July 10, 2017

This is one hot beach, full of muscly beefcakes in skimpy outfits getting tan! These three guys started working out with each other at the beach, but they got tired of that really quick, and decided to take it to the bedroom to get a better workout. That's when they started pulling off their tiny shorts and started examining each other's shafts and booties! They all took turns licking each other's weiners until they're stiff, and then started licking their asses as well, to get them ready for a hard banging! They pounded the hell out of each other's booties until every last one of their stiff pricks shot ejaculate all over his body.

Antonio Garcia, Thomas Bjorn

bareback free boy on July 08, 2017

Thomas Bjorn and Antonio Garcia spend a long afternoon together with their bareback meatsticks ready for a wild ride. These men have known each other a long time, so when they had the chance to work their dickheads together, they were all about it. It took awhile to figure out who wanted to be on top and who was going for the bottom, but they were rather happy about figuring it out. As these men have their cocks getting hard as can be, they're going to explore their wicked and sensual sides with their delicious cocks.

Erik, Marko, Milos

bareback free boy on July 07, 2017

Milos and Erik have found their new penis-slut Marko. Most of the time they just bang each other, but this Marko man loves to be submissive, and it's quite the turn on for these two men. He drops to his knees on command, sucks better than an industrial vacuum and knows how to work his tongue like it were a giraffes. Then there's his anus, so virginal and ready to be plowed like it's never been plowed before! He's ready for it, almost demanding a solid weiner in his black cave. Milos and Erik are almost fighting for who gets him first!

Babaji, Craig Summer

bareback free boy on July 05, 2017

Craig Summer and Babaji are the types of guys that you would expect to see off surfing or tanning on the beach or something along those lines. You know what they're actually doing, though? That's right, they are totally sucking dick and having a ton of fun with each other. I really dig the guy that starts off the cocksucking, because that beard is right out there and really gives him a unique look. Plus I bet it tickles the other guy's balls as he goes all the way down that shaft to taste that dick.

Derek Green, Ross Vernon, Tony Milan

bareback free boy on July 03, 2017

In this hot threesome scene, prodigious gay fuckers Ross Vernon and Derek Green double team a slender but hairy guy called Tony Milan. Tony loves to suck cock, giving both guys an extended blow job at the beginning of the scene. He doesn't seem to be able to decide which penis he likes more, so he doesn't limit himself - he goes down deepthroat on both studs! Then the usual anal happens, mostly with Tony in doggystyle lying on his side, lifting up one leg and jerking his own semierect penis while his prostate gets anally massaged by the large wangs. At the end of the scene, Tony eagerly drains both loads into his mouth, gulping it down.

Luciano, Luigi, Mauricio, Paolo Cortes, Steve Masters

bareback free boy on July 02, 2017

This wild gay movie begins with some steamy cocksucking in a warehouse. A shaven headed guy gags on the manhood that is being vigorously thrust in his mouth. His standing partner grips the shaven headed stud by the back of the head, desperate for deeper penetration down the dude's throat. No matter how much the shaven headed dude coughs and splutters, he doesn't relent - until he bangs him in the backside, that is! Then he bends the cocksucker over and reams him painfully in his butthole, heedless of his partner's cries for mercy. That's got to be one painful and badly lubricated ass fucking! There are also a couple of other short fuck clips.

Luka Nike, Steve Strong

bareback free boy on June 30, 2017

It can be extremely tiring and stressful working on a farm, so after an especially tiring day, cowboys Steve and Luka head back to the barn for a hot fuck and suck session. The guys peel off their cowboy outfits, standing in front of each other completely nude and admiring each others' hard bodies, toned from long hours of labor on the farm. Luka gets on his knees and takes Steve's prick into his mouth, lovingly sucking it until it is rock hard and ready to pop. Then he bends over at the waist, with Steve briefly licking the other man's ass hole before he slides his cock right inside. Luka moans as his tight ring piece gets stretched!

Thomas Bjorn, Ty Smith

bareback free boy on June 28, 2017

Perverted, slightly older fucker Thomas Bjorn is back, and this time he has got a truly gorgeous hunk of stud in his bed! Thomas sets up the camera on the bedside table as muscular guy Ty Smith sits on the mattress with his legs spread, stroking his jumbo shlong and balls. Ty is extremely muscular, with a perfectly proportioned frame and flat, wash board abs. Thomas is momentarily wonderstruck by having this handsome god of a dude in his bedroom! However, soon Ty is sucking on Thomas's prick and then taking it in his booty for such a gorgeous stud, he is inexperienced, grunting in a mix of pain and pleasure as Thomas opens up his rear end.

Eli Carreras, Stefano Silva, Victor Lopez

bareback free boy on June 26, 2017

Stefano Dilva and Victor Lopez have had a long hard day out on the field. Soccer can be a brutal sport when you spend hours running, but they had a bet going with one of the other players. The bet was simple, if they won the other player had to do whatever they came up with after. Eli Carreras was so certain his team was going to win he took the bet without understanding the implications. After the game was over he was expecting to have to was cars or something humiliating, but they found him in the change room.

Jakub, Jan

bareback free boy on June 25, 2017

A gay stud is standing on the street corner, looking at the world going past, when he catches the eye of another attractive male as he walks past. These studs know instantly that they are both gay, and wordlessly they walk off together, going back to one guy's house for an afternoon of anonymous suck and fuck action. As soon as the guys are in the door, they tear off each others' clothes and get down on the floor so that they can suck each others' dicks. There is even some hard core, graphic close-up ass licking action. Then one man gets it hard in the rump, first missionary and then doggy style, before he drinks a load of hot creamy jizz.

Alek, Mateya, Zlatko

bareback free boy on June 23, 2017

Zlatko and Mateya love to pick up mans at the club and take them home for hardcore hefty shlong sex. Their latest pickup is Alek, who obviously has an attack of nerves as the two mans get stuck into him on the sofa. However, these horny studs won't take no for an answer, pulling out their dongs and looking at Alek expectantly until he engulfs their schlongs with his mouth. The unsuspecting stud gets roughly throat fucked by the two dominant dudes, who then bend him over and take turns drilling him in his tight rear end on the sofa. He squeals as they hammer his backside, but they show him no mercy, merely picking up the pace of their assfucking plundering.

Alexander Cervantes, Ivan Newton, Johnathan Robles, Kenai Sidka, Payton Lambert, Richard Lopuar, Ryan Satoro, Zoe Ontiveros

bareback free boy on June 21, 2017

Bob Bobson, Jared Smith, Jim Goldson, Kyle Wolfe

bareback free boy on June 20, 2017

We are greeted by a group of four guys who appear to be held up. It then turns into two of the guys stripping and the other two sucking their dicks and playing with themselves as they do so. Then the other two undress and they end up on a couch with one guy sucking anothers' dick and that one sucking anothers dick and they just make a long dick sucking train. Then two of the guys climb on top of the other two and start riding with their asses hard and fast. They then switch positions and continue to ass fuck each other and suck each other off while also jerking off or jerking the other guy off. They keep ass fucking and sucking for a while.

Billy Boyd, Zander Charles

bareback free boy on June 18, 2017

Alek, Mateya

bareback free boy on June 16, 2017

Nikola and Marjan might be beginners, but the last thing they want to do is take it slow! Marjan is the first to dive face first into Nikola's hard cock! After a sweet knob job, Nikola slides it into a tight hole and gives it to Marjan's ass! When the pounding is complete, Marjan's mouth gets the hot and cream goods.

Igor Rusk, Jay Gregory

bareback free boy on June 15, 2017

As soon as handsome blond stud Igor Rusk and playful brunette twink Jay make eye contact at the train station, the atmosphere is electric! Forgetting all about their transportation plans, the guys head straight back to Igor's apartment, with Jay immediately squating in front of the handsome alpha male and starting to suck him. Despite his youth, Jay has got a sweet mouth on him, immediately making Igor hard with his hot deepthroating action. Then Igor enters Jay's booty from every angle, including some extreme fucking in doggy and missionary, with Jay's feet up on top of Igor's muscular shoulders. This horny gay fucker really goes in deep!

Ethan, Thomas Bjorn

bareback free boy on June 13, 2017

Handsome young buck Ethan can't wait to get a enormous dick in his butt! He strips down to his white underpants and then gets nude, lying on the bed and idly playing with his long meatstick whilst dirty amateur pornographer Thomas Bjorn prepares himself for bed. Thomas stands in front of Ethan on the bed, his hands on his hips while he gets blown by the sexy younger male. Then he gets in behind young Ethan, spreading his butt cheeks with his hard shaft. Later Ethan rolls on top, with Thomas holding his legs spread wide with his hands underneath the other guy's knees for some extremely deep penetration. Ethan really screws up his face in pain!

Luis Miguel, Thomas Bjorn

bareback free boy on June 11, 2017

You can't beat slamming the shit out of a submissive fuck toy who loves to be disciplined by a real man! Balding older man Thomas Bjorn picks up young Latino rent boy Luis, taking him back to his hotel room for some wild bareback fucking. Luis looks shy, and he is initially not too happy about Thomas getting out the clip camera but a few extra dollars soon fix that problem! Thomas gets a nervous blow job from the skinny twink, and then he gets in behind him, banging him dominantly in doggystyle. Luis buries his face in the bed, both out of embarrassment at being filmed while he is sodomized and to muffle his screams of pleasure!

Ales, Ladislav

bareback free boy on June 10, 2017

Ladislav was in his living room stroking his cock when his roommate Ales came in and saw him. He walked over and started sucking his dick. He swallowed his cock and got him hard then flipped him around a licking his ass then he laid him down and slid his dick inside his tight ass. That long cock slowly eased in and out of his ass then he built up speed. Ladislav got on top and rode that dick, his cock swinging in he wind as he clamped his ass around Ales' dick. Each guy took a turn cumming in each others mouths and sucking those dicks until they were soft.