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Carey Lexes, John Swiss

bareback free boy on November 08, 2017

While making out Carey and John eagerly grope each other and remove their clothing, anxious to get at their long hard weiners. Carey goes down on John, grasping his boner in his hand, using his warm mouth to moisten his dong and his tongue to lick him from base to tip. John has Casey lie down so he can give him head, deep mouth fucking his entire weiner. Casey bends over for John and produces his ready pink asshole for him, John eases his dickhead into his opening, slowly pushing it deeper and deeper. He disciplines Casey in different positions then blows his load all over his belly.

Chip Lawson, Tony Milan

bareback free boy on November 06, 2017

These two horny studs get right to work, turning each other on. The submissive Tony Milan leans right over and starts sliding his mouth all over Chip Lawson's cock. He eagerly works his tongue to get his friend's big dick rock hard so he can get his ass stuffed. Chip shows off his hot twink body as he bends his buddy right over to open up his tight asshole so he can shove his hard dick in deep. Then he lays his submissive friend on his back and fucks his ass hard until he is ready to cum. Chips unloads in his buddy's warm mouth and Tony lets Chip get a taste of his own creamy jizz.

Matthew Hamilton, Thomas Bjorn

bareback free boy on November 05, 2017

Extremely handsome young buck Matthew Hamilton is trying to have a quiet wank on his bed. He closes his eyes, massaging his scrotum and fingering his rump with one hand while he pumps his shaft with the other. However, his gentle moans aren't quiet enough, and his older roommate Thomas Bjorn hears what's going on. Thomas strips off his clothes and lets himself into the younger man's room, standing there watching him from the doorway and then joining him on the bed. Once Matthew recovers from his surprise, he welcomes Thomas's mouth onto his pole. The studs 69 extensively, sucking each others' hard wangs and licking each others' booties.

Lexx Parker, Spike Morrison

bareback free boy on November 03, 2017

Thinking that he is home alone, this camp blond twink takes the opportunity to loosen up his backside with an large translucent dildo. He is quite a petite chap, and it's amazing how much of that huge toy he can fit up his dirty sphincter! All of a sudden his shaven headed daddy comes storming into the room, furious - if there's going to be some ass fucking, he's got to be involved! The twink has a look of pure fear in his eyes as he takes his daddy's manhood in his mouth and sucks, choking down on the hefty pole and getting a rough throatfucking from the alpha male. He squeals in a mix of pain and pleasure while he gets butt banged!

Erik, Milos

bareback free boy on November 01, 2017

Luscious young college guy Erik is completely in the closet, barely even admitting to himself that he really craves wang. Desperate to keep his sexuality secret, he has taken to trolling Internet personals for studs; tonight he hooks up with seedy Euro man Mylosh. The men watch some porn as they peel off each others' jeans, and then Erik gets his first taste of Euro wang. It's tangy and unwashed, but Erik is so starving for meat in his mouth that he doesn't care - he just wants to feel that hot spurt in the back of his throat as his new fuck buddy explodes! However, before he gets to taste the sperm, he is going to have to take it in the rump!

Brett Darwin, Jay Richards

bareback free boy on October 31, 2017

This man is sitting quietly in the corner of the diner, touching so horny that he just can't contain himself. Thinking that no one is looking, he unzips his pants and pulls out his hard dong, beginning to masturbate. Unbeknownst to him, the older owner of the diner has noticed, and sneaks up behind to watch. Reaching through the service hatch, the owner grabs the young man's shaft and begins to jerk it himself. The young stud is shocked at first, but he soon welcomes the excellent blowjob that the older man delivers. The two horny gays spend some quality time mouthing each others' shafts and then they take turns fucking each other up the booty.

Erec Estrada, Orion Cross

bareback free boy on October 29, 2017

Vlada, Zovi

bareback free boy on October 27, 2017

Vlada and Zori are already all over each-other when we arrive. They strip fast so they can get to some sloppy blow-job action, something they'll get back to much later. It's not long before they move to some slow, intense doggy-style action. Going bareback never looked so good! Someone wanted a little more eye-contact though, so they flip to cowboy, then reverse cowboy to get a little rougher again before missionary. It's the missionary that does our man in, and he can't hold back any longer, and we get to see a little ass-to-mouth as every last drop of cum gets swallowed down!

Andrew Towers, Neil Sams

bareback free boy on October 26, 2017

Some men grow only more attractive and distinguished as they age. Not so for curly haired, balding cocksucker Neil, who finds himself desperate to accept any penis he can get his hands on! When he hooks up with younger stud Andrew at a gay bar, he can't wait to get him home to start sucking his dick. Andrew knows that he could pick up any man in the place, but there's something entertaining about watching Neil's balding pate bobbing up and down on top of his prick. Neil also takes it in the butt, groaning as Andrew's penis stretches out his tight and unused ring piece - he loves it rough and nasty! Neil swallows all the jism.

Ferris, Joe

bareback free boy on October 24, 2017

Jeffrey Radden, Luke Anders, Sancho Sun

bareback free boy on October 22, 2017

Sancho Sun, Jeffrey Radden, and Luke Anders don't waste anytime and get right down to business mouthing on hard weiners and caressing their hot bodies. Looks like the dudes are taking timeout from their usual graffiti work to spend a little time painting their hard bodies with ejaculate. I can't remember the last time I saw three stiff dicks this large in one room, these dudes sure now how to work it, touching their purple knobs on each others' hard nipples. It's a conga line of penis as the guys pump asses hard at furious pace and then whack massive loads of cream all over themselves and each other.

Alejandro Millan, Daniel Manrique Gonzalez

bareback free boy on October 21, 2017

Ben Rivers, Kai Davis

bareback free boy on October 19, 2017

Horny young bucks Kai and Ben meet each other at the club, giving each other the once over and then following each other into the bathroom. Discovering that there's no one else at the urinals, they cloister themselves in the corner, kissing passionately as they push each other up against the wall. Kai pulls out his wang and Ben drops to his knees, mouthing him right next to the filthy toilet. Then Ben spins around, pulling down his own jeans to expose his booty. Kai slides in with no rubber, giving Ben a hardcore bareback ass fucking with only a little bit of spit for lube. They have to finish quickly before anyone else walks in!


bareback free boy on October 17, 2017

This married straight dude is looking to broaden his sexual horizons, so he starts looking on an Internet dating site for some discreet homosexual action. He hooks up with an experienced, flaming homosexual, who can't wait to get his hunky dude back to his home. He is nervous at first, but the husband soon realises that he has been missing out on a whole world of pleasure when the gay man starts to suck his manhood and lick his hairy butt hole. By the end of the episode, the straight stud is sucking shlong like a pro and is also taking fingers and even a wang in his asshole. You got to see the look on his face when he tastes jizz for the first time!

Kelly Breeze, Mark Urban, Yago

bareback free boy on October 16, 2017

Two of these horny studs decide what a great idea it is to have their submissive friend stuff his mouth with their dickheads. He has no problem, and eagerly takes turns drinking each manhood and they even make a train of manhood sucking where everyone is involved. After one shaft is hard he bends the submissive one over to pound his prick into his tight asshole. While getting his backside banged, he continues to suck on the other dude's meatstick. With his dickhead hard, this hot blonde pounds the submissive one's hole, and Mark Urban, Kelly Beeze and Yago have a threesome they'll never forget.

Luis Miguel, Thomas Bjorn, Tyler Reed

bareback free boy on October 14, 2017

The action switches one way and then the other in this erotic gay threesome featuring European bear Thomas Bjorn and hung studs Tyler Reed and Luis Miguel. Good looking blond guy Tyler is the star of the show at the beginning of the movie, standing in handsome fashion in front of the two dudes, who both kneel and suck his shlong simultaneously. It's got to feel divine having two dudes working your ballsack at the same time! The dudes exchange around through several positions, including a triple assfucking sequence that is sure to blow your mind - and poor Tyler's anus hole! Of course, there are no rubbers involved - these gays love their bareback sex!

Andrija, Sasha

bareback free boy on October 12, 2017

Andrija has a thing about cum, he loves it, he always wants more of it, and he's going to do just about anything to get it. He's getting some bareback action from Sasha, who is always up for leaving his mark with his stiff weiner that pounds away at that lovely butt. He's moaning, groaning and screaming in pleasure, knowing that he's going to be experiencing the most intense fuck fest of his life. Before long he ends up shuddering and moaning as that tool drives in deep, getting him harder and harder by the second.

Sean Diamond, Sid Rosellini

bareback free boy on October 11, 2017

Gay sex in the great outdoors is always fun to see - especially when it has hunky hotties like Sid Rosellini and Sean Diamond. I just love watching these well muscled hunks in action, especially when they start leaning back among all the foliage and start getting into things. I don't know how they found such a perfect little private spot to fuck out, but it looks like the most romantic area you could possibly find. The dick sucking is really intense, but when they start riding each other - you're going to have to grab the tissues asap for that.

Bili, Vlada

bareback free boy on October 09, 2017

Although women might be fooled that good looking stud Steve Licker is a handsome rock guy, all of us gays know that any man that looks like this has got a mouth like a vacuum cleaner! He certainly doesn't disappoint, giving strapping stud Blake a superb dick sucking. Blake is very well hung, but this horny oral queer manages to swallow the entire pole, even sticking out his tongue to tickle his man's balls while he deepthroats. Then he impales himself on the dick, jerking his own erect shaft as he rides Blake's prick front ways and back. His ass is just as receptive as his mouth - meaning that it can swallow that entire thick length!

Francesco, Gordon Rammer

bareback free boy on October 07, 2017

We start off with Gordon and Francesco. They are both so horny they can't wait and one is already taking off the others pants and sucking his dick, taking as much into his mouth as he can. Before long both guys are undressed and the other guy is getting his dick sucked as well. They then both start stroking their cocks together, running their hands up and down their long hard shafts while looking at each other jerking off. They're then out on a porch and sucking each others dicks. As one sucks the others dick he's also sticking a huge, thick dildo in and out of the others ass hole. Before long they're both jerking off themselves.

Andrew Towers, Jason Ross, Mike Torus

bareback free boy on October 05, 2017

One of the horniest things about being a young gay man is breaking in other men in to the homosexual sex acts that people seem to love! This young college student has been wavering about his sexuality for quite some time and then one day he finds himself sandwiched on the couch between two good-looking studs with their shirts off. Soon he has a dick in his mouth and another one in his hand and then he is getting banged in his tight ass! He is an anal virgin, his butthole torn by the big dicks as they slide in and out. Soon the pain turns to pleasure and he begs for more dick.

Kelly Breeze, Mike Santon

bareback free boy on October 04, 2017

Mike Santon and Kelly Breeze are much too horny to waste time doing anything but fucking. Mike bends over and starts to lube up Kelly's dick with his saliva. He bobs up and down on his knob, swallowing it down like a champ, until Kelly is rock hard. Next, the blonde stud bends over his submissive brunette, and he slowly enters his tight asshole. As he starts to stretch out his twink friend, he starts to pound deeper into his ass. These sex starved studs fuck hard, and in the end Kelly empties his balls right in Mike's mouth before he gets a chance to taste his own spunk.

John Youngcock, Kelly Breeze

bareback free boy on October 02, 2017

Kelly Breeze and John Youngcock don't waste anytime, they get naked right away so that they can unrestricted access to each others hard shafts. Jason wraps his warm pink lips around the head of John's dick and slowly lowers his mouth, taking it deep inside his mouth. Holding on tightly with one hand he pulls the cock towards his mouth the jerks it slowly back and forth. Laying in front of John, Kelly takes his young cock into his shaved asshole. When he turns over onto all fours, John grabs him by the hips and pounds him harder. After a good fucking, John blows his load in Kelly's mouth only to have it dripped back into his own.

Dominoco, Joe Fand

bareback free boy on September 30, 2017

What a way to be stirred up! He kept bitching about wanting to stay on bed, so this guy tried a different method, and jumped on top of him and started kissing the twink soldier passionately to get him to come around. That not only stirred him up, it stirred up his cock too, as he took it out for his bunkmate to suck on. He fit that massive pecker inside of his mouth, and then he fed his own cock to him to get sucked off as well. He spread his ass cheeks as wide as possible and slid his fuck stick deep inside his hole raw, slamming away while he jerked himself off. He got on top of him and rode him until he shot his jizz all over his stomach.

Keb, Thomas Bjorn

bareback free boy on September 29, 2017

Sometimes when you think there might be someone in your home, the best thing to do is just lay there. There's a chance they might leave without noticing you, and if they do notice you it's just a solid opportunity to get some free easy anal sex from a stud that's most likely in better shape than you might expect. So just lay still and wait to see what he's going to do, and you might find your butt finally getting filled with a solid foot of rigid guy-meat like you've always hoped. Or he might just take your stuff and leave.